Real estate is not for the faint-hearted ...

I could write volumes of educational and boring details about real estate such as debt ratios, closing costs, pricing property and the history of the real estate market in Atlanta.  However, like most agents, I am a people person and love to have fun on my job.
People are always asking about experiences that I have had selling real estate and I have had a lot of adventures. I thought I'd share one of my favorites.
Several years ago I was working with a young, easily excitable professor who was looking for a condominium.  On one afternoon of house hunting, he managed to convince himself that an unmade bed in a darkened room contained a dead body.  On a subsequent trip, I took him to a condo complex where I had frequently shown property.  As is proper, I had made courtesy call to the sellers to let them know that we were coming and about what time. One owner told me that she would be out for the entire afternoon, and that I could come anytime.
Imagine my surprise when we arrived at her unit and, I opened the door to see a 40-ish woman in her bathrobe  rushing to the top of the stairs. I apologized profusely, and reminded her that she had told me that she would be out all day.  She said that she had forgotten and had come home to take a nap.  She came downstairs and we chatted while my client looked around.
Although I had never met the woman,  she nervously began to divulge much information about herself.  It turned out that our husbands were work colleagues and we had several mutual acquaintances.  As we spoke, my client went upstairs so I excused myself to accompany him.
Since I was familiar with the floor plan of the unit already, I lingered in the hall while my client went into the master bedroom.  I was checking out the light exposure into the various rooms, when he went into the master bath. Suddenly I heard a huge gasp, and my client came running out of the bathroom, panting and holding onto his chest while attempting,
not too successfully, to keep his voice to a whisper. "Oh my God, Mary!  I was so startled! !  I opened the closet door and there was a naked man!  No, not a man, a teenaged boy, standing like this (accompanied by a gesture of someone trying to cover their private parts)! I didn't know what to do or say, so I just shut the door."
As, he related his terrifying experience, and I realized that the woman downstairs had provided me with enough information to know that the guy in the closet was not her husband, I started to laugh uncontrollably.  Efforts to suppress my laughter made it all the more amusing to me.  My client watching me cry tears of hilarity, started laughing too.  We were hanging on to each other laughing while the guy was stranded in the closet, and the woman downstairs waiting for us to reappear.
After what seemed like forever, we composed ourselves enough to walk down the stairs, say a cursory good-bye, and walk out the front door, only to collapse with laughter again.  I returned to my office and told of my adventure to an intrigued staff.
Two days later I had a call at my office from the lady in question.  Strangely, she wanted to know if I was a member of a local country club.  When I informed her that I was not, she said that she thought that I was a friend of a couple she knew who belonged to the club.
I hung up the phone and, for a moment, just felt incredulous that this woman would want ever to talk to me again, let alone to give me more information about her circle of friends.  I turned to the agent at the next desk who was a club member and asked if she knew the couple.  She did.
Then I asked if the couple had a teenaged son.  She said they did and asked  why.  I answered, "Never mind."

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